Watermelon Poke

Watermelon Poke

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A beer that has been a long time in the making, Watermelon Poke is now in bottles! We purchased the watermelons this past summer from a local farmer with all proceeds going to the Kilgoris Project. This is a project supporting schools in Africa (specifically Kenya), the money is used for school supplies and teachers salaries through the year. We thank these kind people for setting this up and promoting such an important cause.

As far as the beer goes we are selling 4 packs of bottles, aged for many months and naturally carbonated in the bottle. The beer was aged in our large format cask for several months then aged on the watermelons in stainless, rind and all. We get a crisp easy drinking ale with a clean tartness and a bit of funk. All rounded out by notes of watermelon rind and refreshing fruitiness. The perfect porch beer this spring and the warm weather.

Includes: (1) 11.2oz 4pk bottles
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